Hair Wig & Patch In Jaipur

We fix hair patches and wigs for males and females. We use 100% real human hair to make you look awesome. Our team is really good at making it look natural and perfect, just the way you want.

Hair Wig in Jaipur: We use imported hair wigs , which have artificial skin base similar to our natural scalp. We use only the most advanced, imported hair wigs or hair patches, which are natural looking, undetectable and most comfortable. Our Wig completely with original hair’s color and texture and thereby look natural. All our wigs are 100% human hair wigs.

Hair Patch in Jaipur: We use 100% Human hair patches for men and women. Our hair patch in Jaipur has a base similar to our natural scalp. Plenty of air passage holes in the base of hair patch, provide abundant air circulation that prevents heat. Sweat comes out from these sweat pores. So no itchiness and infections in our hair fixing services. Human hair patches look natural and can be easily styled to any hair style we want.

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